500 Club

The October 500 Club draw took place at after the Ladies games on Sunday 17th  November

October 2019

1st Place Liz Watts £105
2nd Place Paul Smitherman £63
3rd Place Claire Bond £21
3rd Place George Nelson £21

£210 to Club Fund  !!

September 2019

1st Place George Nelson £105
2nd Place Martin O’Brian £65
3rd Place Goff Quested £20
3rd Place Sean Barnes £20

£210 to Club Fund  !!

August 2019

1st Place Taff Gwilliam £105
2nd Place Deborah Nickalls £65
3rd Place Graham Rowlands £20
3rd Place Gareth Ledger £20

£210 to Club Fund  !!

If you have not joined the 500 Club  – please do so, it only costs a fiver and raises money for the  Club – Contact Andy

The continuing objective is to help raise funds for strategic club projects (continuing our club house improvements), whilst offering fabulous cash prizes totaling half the gross amount raised each month