Fixture Protocol

Mini/Youth Fixtures and Pitch protocol for Medway RFC

  • During the season, for several different reasons you may have to change an existing fixture. If you do, please inform the fixtures secretary.
  • If you cancel a home fixture you may make another home or away fixture for that date. If you cancel an away fixture you may only make another away fixture on that date.


  • Please confirm with the fixtures secretary before making a home fixture as he/she will know how many teams are playing at home that day.
  • It is up to the coach/manager of each individual YOUTH age group to confirm weekly HOME fixtures to the kitchen (with approx. numbers), fixture secretary, Mel Collins (Grounds man) and opposition. This should be done no later than the Thursday before the fixture. If you do not notify the kitchen, food cannot be provided.
  • Please only cancel a fixture for a genuine reason (significant player shortage, illness doing the rounds within the age-group etc…) The Executive Committee expect fixtures to be honoured. Remember who we are here for. The players look forward to games, no matter where they are, or who they are against. Also remember how you feel when you are let down by another club for a home fixture. All cancelled fixtures must be communicated at the earliest opportunity to the fixture secretary, kitchen, grounds man and opposition.
  • All teams will be allocated pitches or space to train on throughout the season, please adhere to this. This will rotate in general, with no group having ‘ownership’ of a particular space for the duration.
  • At times, especially at the start of the season there will be pitch congestion at the club, please refer to the pitch allocation plan posted in the club for your appropriate age groups training space.
  • Each Sunday will be highlighted as a mini week or youth week. When a Mini week they take preference, with regards to space over youth teams training. It is up to the youth teams to find spare space to train and not to infringe on the Minis.

When the Minis are at home training and a youth team has a home fixture pitches will be made available for the fixture/s

When a youth week they take preference, with regards to space over mini teams training. It is up to the mini teams to find spare space to train and not to infringe on the youth.

  • There will be no mini or youth HOME fixtures during September.
  • The Medway Mini Festival is always held on the first Sunday in October. Therefore there will be no youth HOME fixtures/training on that day.
  • If an AWAY fixture is cancelled, any age-group (under 7 to under 17) opting to train at Priestfields instead, must notify the fixture secretary, kitchen and if possible the grounds man. The age-group cannot arrive at Priestfields before 30am.
  • On match days, pitches will be allocated in the order 4, 3, 2, 1. (with 4 being the top pitch, 3 being the middle pitch, 2 being the training pitch, and 1 being the show pitch.)
  • The senior team (oldest age-group) and their opposition, will always use changing room 1 and 2 in the Council changing rooms.
  • If there are 3 HOME youth matches, two MRFC teams must use/share the rear clubhouse changing room.
  • It is the responsibility of the respective age-group Manager and coaches, to ensure that their changing room and their opposition changing room, are swept out after all matches.
  • WEATHER CANCELATIONS. The great unknown in all of this, is the weather. It will be the responsibility of the Grounds man (Mel), to determine if pitch (es) are unplayable due to the weather. His decision will be final, and he must communicate this decision to the fixture secretary for dissemination at the earliest opportunity. The kitchen must also be notified.


Fixture Secretary Sandie Thompson
Catering Manager Bek Rann 07889 886072
Bar Team Mark Marriott 07944 462881
Phil Wells 07789 193517