Record Keeping – Players details

The Team Manager is responsible for collecting and maintaining records as follows:

* Player details

* Medical Details

* Attendance/Playing details

* Match Results, including scorers

Player details are collected on the player membership form.

It is recommended that this information is collated and maintained by the Team Manager during a season.

At any Training or Fixture, the Team Manager should ensure that the details are at hand, and secure.  A completed Membership Form shows any medical issues associated with a player. It is important that these details are at hand during a Training session or Fixture. Team Managers should make sure that a Coach is aware of any medical condition that might affect a player’s ability to play safely.  The Membership Form is also evidence of parental medical consent, and should be to hand in case of medical emergencies.

A copy of the Players Membership Form should be taken to hospital with the player should such an emergency arise. Asthma – the juniors signing on form requests details of any inhalers in use with children.  A separate record of all players with inhalers must be keep and each child must have their inhaler with them or they must be excluded from the activity (training or game).

This is in response to recent incidents where a child was struggling but did not have their inhaler with them.