Medical and First Aid Requirements

Player’s welfare and injury prevention is paramount at Medway RFC.  All coaches should be aware of player’s limitations and parents must make coaches aware of any conditions which may affect a player’s ability to train or play even if it is only a short term condition.

Each age group will have a nominated first aider who is adequately trained.  In the event of an injury it is the team officials decision as to whether any follow up treatment is required and in the event of a serious injury an ambulance will be called.  Each group should also carry a suitable supply of 1st aid equipment with them for all sessions. Replenishment 1st aid supply packs can be collected from the clubhouse.

A landline, additional first aid equipment, a defibrillator and an accident book are located within the clubhouse.

Team officials are also required to be in possession of each players completed medical form for all sessions, including training.

First aiders and/or appointed persons play an important role in our club. For this reason, we have devised some simple rules which should be followed at all times.


  • act in accordance with their training at all times
  • respond promptly to any request for assistance
  • summon further medical help where necessary
  • look after the casualty until they have recovered, or further assistance has arrived
  • ensure their own safety at all times
  • fill out the accident book/form (located within the clubhouse) as to the symptoms complained of and the treatment given
  • ensure that all first aid boxes/kits are kept adequately stocked
  • ensure that the first aid room is kept tidy and well stocked (First aid coordinator only)
  • keep team officials aware of when they will not be available


  • keep medicines in any first aid boxes
  • attempt to give treatments that they are untrained for
  • attempt to make a diagnosis of a medical complaint or injury
  • recommend a medicine to anyone seeking first aid
  • admit that the club is responsible for an accident. The issue of liability is determined solely by our insurers/lawyers following an investigation into all circumstances surrounding an accident
  • provide first aid without a current certificate.