Club fees and examples

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Medway Rugby Football Club operates a strict ‘Don’t Pay – No Play’ policy.

As proposed and approved at the AGM held on 25th May 2017:-

* The annual club membership fee per family will rise from £80 to £85

* The additional annual age group / section specific playing fees will remain frozen as below


As a result of the RFU Age Grade Competition review:-

* Age bandings are more becoming reflective of the education system with greater alignment of the transitions in clubs and schools

* U11’s become the last age group for mixed gender games, with U12 and U13 forming the transition format towards 15 a side rugby  – Starting with U14’s.

* U12’s will be reclassified as Youth starting season 2017-2018

Club membership runs from 1st August until 31st July (see note 1) and is the sum of the Club/Family Membership PLUS any relevant Playing Fees.  See the examples link below.

Club/Family Membership 2017-18
Full Season Fees
Club/Family Membership £85 (see note 2) £5
VP Membership £180 (see note 5) Nil
Additional playing fees 2017-18
Full Season Fees
Minis (under 6) £20 (see note 3) Nil
Minis (under 7 to through to and including under 11) £40 (see note 3) Nil
Youth (under 12 through to and including under 18) £60 (see note 3) Nil
Men and Women full time student rate £60 (see note 4) Nil
Senior Men £140 Nil
Senior Women £100 Nil

Fee examples 2017-18

Note 1:
For those joining the Club after 31 December 2016 the membership and playing fees are half what would normally be due in a full season

Note 2: Family membership includes the lead person’s partner and any of their children under 18 years of age as at the start of the season (1 September 2016). Anyone over 18 at the start of the season is expected to join the club in their own right

Note 3: Families with more than two players in the Youth and/or Mini sections only pay for the eldest two children

Note 4: Men and women paying the full time student rate must supply proof of education status to their respective manager

Note 5:  Click here to learn about the Vice Presidents Association and How to join.

The fees shown are current. Fee increases are discussed and voted on at the club AGM towards the end of each season. If you find it difficult to pay the amounts please contact your manager or the Club’s Chairman. All other questions on memberships and/or playing fees should be directed in the first instance to the relevant manager, or otherwise to the Membership Secretary Jeff Robertson direct via