Renewal instructions for existing members

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The club membership administration for 2019-20 has been moved in the RFU’s Game Management System (GMS).

All paid up members for 2018-19 were emailed in July 2019 to advise of this change, and to reply with any changes required to their playing composition (or overall membership), so that their fees for the new season could be correctly set up for their review and payment in GMS in full, or by instalments via new Direct Debit mandates.

With the exception of VPA memberships and 500 Club memberships, the old GoCardless Direct Debit system for regular membership fees is therefore now defunct, and all such GoCardless mandates from 2018-19 have now been cancelled.

All renewing members should please:

  • Re-read Medway RFC’s Membership Terms and Conditions HERE.
  • Re-read Medway RFC’s Privacy Policy HERE
  • Log into GMS here using their email address or username, as communicated by email by the membership secretary.
    • The various GMS links are HERE.
    • If you never had a password, or don’t remember it, you can click “Forgot Password” on the GMS login page to request a password reset email.
    • Although you can request a password reset via your email address, if your email is linked to more than 1 family member in GMS then you can only log in with your username.
  • Revalidate their residential address, contact details and DoB, including the same for linked family members.
  • Follow the steps HERE to review and pay their membership fees.

Members who have not paid their orders online via GMS by the end of Sep will stop receiving their discounts on non-promotional food/drink purchases until their order is paid online, and such discounts will not be re-credited retrospectively.

If you have any questions or concerns on this process, please contact your respective age group or section manager in the first instance, or alternatively email Jeff Robertson, MRFC Membership Secretary at