MRFC SmartCards entitle members to a 10% discount at the Kitchen and Bar on non-promotional offers. It does not entitle members to a discount at the Shop, however the Shop also runs promotional offers from time to time. You can top up your SmartCard as follows:

  • At the club by cash or debit/credit card at any of the 3 tills
    • £10 minimum for Adult cards and £5 minimum for Youth cards please.
  • Online via link
    • You can also use this link to check your SmartCard balance and update your residential address and contact details.
    • The first time you use the link you need to select “Create an account” then type in the details on the reverse of the SmartCard and your email address.
    • If you have any issues using this site, please email Jeff Robertson, MRFC Membership Secretary,

The lead family member may request additional SmartCards free of charge for their family, restricted to their partner and youth players. Note however that each card carries an independent balance and the replacement of any lost cards is at a nominal cost of £5 each which will be deducted form your SmartCard balance in advance. Damaged cards will be replaced free of charge if returned to the bar and you email me a note to that effect to so I know to collect it for re-ordering.