DBS Check

All coaches and volunteers who come into contact with mini or youth players on a regular basis need to be certified under the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). RFU information on this is available HERE

For more information please contact either:

  • Justin Hollidge, MRFC SafeGuarding Officer: 07718 801534, j.hollidge@btopenworld.com
  • Sarah Cooper, MRFC SafeGuarding Officer (Assistant): 0792 446 121, sjc95@canterbury.ac.uk
  • Jeff Robertson, MRFC SafeGuarding Officer (Assistant): 07968 506 854, jeff.ann.robertson@gmail.com
  • Gordon & Tina Stone, Assistants in verifying applicants evidence of identity and address: DBS cleared club shop managers

The process is now completed on-line, providing greater security and faster turn around times, however applicants still need to evidence their identity and address to the Safe Guarding officers above using original documents. The Safe Guarding Officers will ensure relevant club officials are verified whilst age group managers will ensure their respective volunteer helpers are DBS checked.

Step 1: Applicants need to provide the Safe Guarding Officers their full name, DOB, role and if relevant the age group/s they will be helping with.

Step 2: The Safe Guarding Officers will use that information to create a login for each applicant to enable applicants to select which evidence they will use to confirm their identity and address to the Safe Guarding officers. The login details will be emailed to the applicant. See further below for details on which documents are allowable for evidencing identity and address. Ideally one document should be chosen from Document Category 1, else 5 are required from Category 2.

Step 3: The applicants need to show the Safe Guarding Officers (or as above, the DBS cleared club shop managers) the original documents which they selected to use as evidence. To simplify this process applicants are asked to legibly pre-complete a document summary sheet [PDF version;Excel version] so that identification verifiers can simply tick off the information against the originals.

Step 4: The Safe Guarding Officers will enter the checked off information on the document summary sheet into RUSafe WEB Site after, which applications will be sent a second email (also from crb@rfu.disclosures.co.uk) to confirm their address history, National Insurance number, etc.

Step 5: The application will get processed and the results sent to applicants by post and advised to the Safe Guarding offciers via the Site. There is no need for applicants to send copies of their certificates to the Safe Guarding Officers.

The allowable documents for evidencing identity and address are detailed here.

The documents are categorised as either Group 1 or Group 2.

  • If you can produce at least 1 document from Group 1 then just 3 documents must be seen: One document from Group 1 plus any two from Groups 1 or 2.
  • If you can NOT produce at least 1 document from Group 1 then a full 5 documents are to be seen: Five documents from Group 2

Note that if you choose to present a photocard driving licence you also need to show the corresponding paper portion.

Thank you, MRFC Safe Guarding Offers.