Referee Liaison Officer

Aim: To liaise with the Kent Referees Society and Club Captains to ensure that all senior matches are refereed by competent and neutral appointments.

All senior matches ( 1st, 2nd 3rd Vet’s, Ladies, Extra XV, and U17 league, ‘A’ XV) should have referees appointed by the Kent Society.

In order to facilitate this all of the above fixtures should be given to the Kent Society in good time, before the season starts.

In practice not every game will receive an appointed referee. The society grades each fixture in order of importance. 1st XV cup games are given the highest priority and 3rd XV friendlies are given the lowest priority.

The Kent Society has three sections that the Liaison officer might deal with: Fixture Secretary (Owen Quantick), Saturday Re-appointments Officer (Rebecca Patrick) and Sunday & Mid-week Re-appointments officer (Mickey Wren).

Liaison Duties

Start of season

Ensure that the fixture secretary has given the fixtures to the Kent Society Appointments Officer.
Make contact with each team captain in advance so that they are aware of the referee liaison officer and treatment of the officials.

Monthly Basis

Each month, the referee liaison officer will receive (at his home address) a list of the Clubs fixtures and referee appointments. These must be checked.

Liaise with the relevant captains with regard to extra fixtures, possible bad weather or likelihood of any fixture changes.

Weekly Basis

If the appointments are correct. The referee liaison will phone the appropriate referee on Wednesday or Thursday to confirm the appointment, give directions, shirt information etc where appropriate.

If the fixture has been cancelled. The team captain should inform the referee liaison officer so that the referee can also be cancelled.

If the fixture has not been given an appointment by the Society. The referee liaison should phone the re-appointments officer on the Wednesday or Thursday to request a re-appointment. (During the past two years it has become obvious that if an appointment has not been made by the Society it was because there was a shortage of referees, especially on Cup days, and so a re-appointment is not always possible.)

If no re-appointment has been made. The liaison officer will use a list of contacts, friends etc to try to find a referee. The liaison officer should inform the team captains if there are any problems with appointments or re-appointments.

The ultimate responsibility for finding a referee lies with the team captain and not the referee liaison officer!