Emergency Procedures – Fire

In case of fire, the alarm will be sounded and verbal instruction will be given to leave the building by the nearest possible exit to an assembly point which is the…….LOCATION NEEDED in order not to restrict the fire service.

Officers of the club, Club Committee members, or any responsible member will assume immediate responsibility and call the fire service if required.  If it is safe to do so, an attempt to extinguish the source of the fire can be made using an appropriate fire extinguisher, e.g. by ensuring that a safe passage to an exit point is available and there is a low risk of suffocation.

An Officer of the Club, a Committee member or any responsible member should, is safe to do so, check that the premises have been fully evacuated, close doors and proceed to the assembly point.

If an incident occurs during a training session or match day it is the responsibility of the Team Manager to ensure that all players have been accounted for and at the earliest opportunity notify the Fire Warden.

Calling the emergency services

If the fire service or an ambulance is required a 999 emergency call should be made by a responsible person from the Club telephone (if permissible) or by mobile phone.  Follow the instructions outlined on the Club notice board.

One responsible person should go to the front entrance to direct the fire appliance or ambulance and ensure the height restriction gate is unlocked and fully opened to ensure unrestricted access to the Club.

If an ambulance has been called, another responsible person should direct the ambulance to the casualty as it arrived in the main car park.