Minis and Youth Team Managers Roles

Minis and Youths Team Manager Role

The role of Team Manager for a Mini or Youth team (U5s to U18s) is extremely important.  They are the link between the players’ parents or guardians, and all other aspects of the club.  For new members, the Team Manager is usually the first person they meet or correspond with when joining the club.

Managers will need to note the following …

Safeguarding and injuries: 

  • Ensure they have up to date contact details for all player’s parents or guardians, and that the parents or guardians have the managers contact details.
  • Keep a record of all the Medical and Emergency Contact details, according to the RFU regulations and GDPR.
  • Contact the parent or Guardian of a player who has not attended training or matches for a few weeks.  This is to ensure that there are no concerns that are either team or club related regarding the player or parent/guardian as to why they have not attended recently.
  • Record injuries in Medway RFC’s accident log book (for home and away games) and the hosting club’s accident log book (for away games).
  • Any overnight stays in hospital should additionally be notified to the Honourable Secretary that night for relaying to our club insurers.
  • Any minis and youth concussion injuries should additionally be notified to the player’s school at the start of the next school day so they are  aware, as a precaution in case parents do not notify the school.

Memberships and player registrations:

  • Advise and support new players or parents of new players to complete their membership application and player registration via GMS.
  • Access their teams information via the RFU’s Game Management  System (GMS) regularly to ensure:
    • All the players have paid up memberships in place and are registered as a players
    • Parents of all players have validated their email address in GMS
    • All RFU mandated information is completed in GMS:
      • School

Link to age grade registrars guide 2019-2020 Season is here

England RFU regulations can be found here

Training and matches:

  • Take a register each time the team meets for training and matches and record match results and positive individual / team contributions including scorers.
  • Ensure that the Age Grade Rugby Regulations are applied.
  • Ensure that their Team complies with MRFC’s, KCRFU and the RFU codes of conduct and regulations.
  • For season 2019/20, record data on the half game rule.  Suggested Trackers are available on the Kent Website for the Youth and Mini Sections.


The medical form requests details of any inhalers in use with children.  A seperate record of all players with inhalers should be kept so that at each session (Training or Match), these players can evidence they have their inhaler with them to avoid exclusion from the session.  This is in response to recent incidents where a child was struggling but did not have their inhaler with them.