Renewal instructions for existing members

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A club wide membership renewal email will be sent by the end of July to all members from last season.

  • A MRFC will continue using GMS for membership administration, including payments.
  • The only exception is for VPA fees which will continue to be collected via GoCardless.

All renewing members should first:

  • Re-read Medway RFC’s Membership Terms and Conditions HERE.
  • Re-read Medway RFC’s Privacy Policy HERE


  • Log into GMS here using their email address or username from last season.
  • The various GMS links are HERE.
  • If you don’t know/remember your password, you can click “Forgot Password” on the GMS login page to request a password reset email.

At the start of each season you will likely be requested to re-validate your email address before continuing further.

Once you get to the “Your Account” page, you will see some new Sections, including:

  • A “Family and Friends” section, listing people to whom you are linked.
    • Click in turn the 3 horizontal dots next to each name, and review/update all contact details listed.
  • A “My Organisations” section all the organisations with GMS to which you are associated.
    • Click on “Medway RFC” to access various Medway RFC specific services and functions, including “Buy Memberships”.

Once you are on the “Buy Memberships” page:

  • Click in turn on each person associated to your membership to renew the current membership or select an alternate membership, updating your basket as you go.
    • Process all adult memberships first, and minis/youth players last.
    • There are no membership purchases required for non-playing minis/youth family members.
    • Non-playing adult partners are 100% discounted, however:
      • Adults with an existing Smartcard must still have a membership added to their basket otherwise their SmartCards will be disabled.
      • Likewise, adults without an existing SmartCard but wanting one, must have a membership added to their basket otherwise one cannot be issued.

Finally, click on your basket, validate the contents then follow the instructions to pay in full or by monthly installments.


If you have any questions or concerns on this process, please contact your respective age group or section manager in the first instance, or alternatively email Jeff Robertson, MRFC Membership Secretary at