Coaching the Coaches

Last updated: 23 February, 2015 9:51
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Coach the Coaches


Coaching the Coaches is an initiative within Medway Rugby Football Club that has these aims:

  • to assist and enable coaches at every level at the club to improve their coaching ability, so that
  • players at every level become better players, so that
  • the playing ability, profile and standing of the club is improved.

The programme has four practical aspects:

  • Coaching the Coaches sessions at the club – practical sessions where the first team coach Taff Gwilliam takes the lead and to which all coaches are invited. The first session took place on 31 October and was attended by 30 individuals, along with Taff and first team players, and of course catering and bar staff. Future sessions will be advertised on the front page of the website.
  • The club has a paid-up subscription for weekly and monthly “electronic coaching sessions”. These contain suggestions and guidance for all coaches and managers at Medway RFC on how to improve their training regime, and will be distributed by Ginger Longstaff.
  • The club is also providing a library of resources to be used by coaches: these include core skills DVDs, books and other training aids and materials. Contact Taff Gwilliam for access to these materials.
  • Specialist coaching sessions, provided by individuals at the club or possibly from outside, who will coach specific positions, skills or other aspects of the game. The first of these specialists is Ginger Longstaff who will coach front row skills. If you want to take advantage of Ginger’s specialism, email

Coaching the Coaches, 31/10/2007

Coaching the Coaches practical sessions will take place at regular intervals and will be advertised in good time on the front page of the website. All current and future Medway coaches and managers are invited.

If you want to make yourself available as a specialist coach and be listed here, please contact Mark Marriott, Director of Rugby.