Selection Policy

  1. Selection will be decided by members of the Club’s Playing Sub-Committee i.e. 1st XV Captain, Extra 1st XV Captain, A XV Captain and Old Holcombeans XV Captain. The Head Coach will have overall authority within the sub-committee.
  2. The Committee will meet on Tuesday evenings at the club following training.
  3. All team selections will be posted on the notice board and the Club website promptly.
  4. If a selected player is unavailable then the player from the team below in that position will move up to replace him.
  5. Training attendance will be recorded and this will be a primary factor in considering selection.
  6. Players returning from injury of more than two weeks will be required to prove their fitness in the team below original selection.
  7. Only members of the Club will be selected. Do therefore ensure that your membership is current.
  8. This selection policy will be strictly adhered to. If there is an issue which is felt is in the Clubs long-term interest by the Selection committee to deviate from the above policy then that justification for the individual selection will be recorded and the players involved informed of the reasoning.
  9. Any Player dropped will be informed by the previous team Captain as a matter of priority.
  10. Any player who may feel aggrieved as a result of a selection decision will be entitled to raise the issue through the Director of Rugby.

Club Chairman