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Understanding Concussion


The attached Head Injury Form gives clear and precise information on how we as a club will treat a Head injury.  It is a two part document that also gives clear RFU information about concussion and the return to play process after concussion. It is age related so please follow the right path for the age of your players.  The safeguarding team request that all first aiders to have copies of this form available in their medical kits to use in the event of a player having a head injury and showing signs of or believed to have a concussion.

Kind Regards

Dawn Waters

MRFC First Aid Co-Ordinator / Safeguarding Team


When it comes to concussion – use your head (from the RFU Community Rugby website)

As you are aware one of our injuries that can have a massive impact on our players is concussion.  Although we all hope that we won’t have players with this injury it is something that we need to be aware of and have the most information on that we can.  With this in mind, and the Exec’s support, I am inviting all coaches, managers and first aiders to take 20-30 minutes to complete the online concussion course.  This is a RFU recognised course and will be included on our clubs Volunteer Qualification documents.  It also appears on the RFU database.  I have completed the course and found it very enlightening and useful.  The course can be found using this link:-http://www.englandrugby.com/medical/concussion-awareness/coaches/

You should all be aware of the RFU’s Head case documentation relating to such an injury.  This can be found using this link http://www.englandrugby.com/concussion
Also for all there is relevant documentation within our Website regarding first aid this is going to be updated regularly and can be accessed using this link:-http://mrfc.net/the-club/first-aid/


MRFC Girls – Coaching and Management Team 2021-2022 Season

I’m very pleased to announce our coaching and management team for next season.  We start next season in a very healthy position with a record breaking 14 U13s, 17 U15s and 44 U18s.
We know those numbers will grow even more over the summer and into the new season.  We say goodbye and thank you to two wonderful coaches in Jamie Settle and Mike Harrison whose daughters move on from our girls section. We shall give them a proper send off on the 10th July end of season party.
And finally,Richard Warran finishes in the U18s and starts all over again with the U13s. Only 7 more years Rich. 😂  Our section wouldn’t be a success if it wasn’t for all of these volunteers, so a huge thank you and bring on next season.