02 Touch is back !!!

O2 Touch resumes at Priestfield’s, Rochester ON SATURDAY 3rd April 2021 as part of Medway Rugby Club’s “Return to Rugby” kick off – 12.30pm.
O2 Touch – The basics;
• 6 players on each team.
• The attacking side has 6 chances to score before the ball is turned over to the defensive team.
• The attacking side must pass the ball backwards and scores by placing the ball over the try line.
• To stop the attacking side, a defender has to touch the player with the ball. Once a touch has been made, the attacking team performs a ‘roll ball’ (placing the ball between their legs) and the entire defence must retreat 5m.
• After 6 touches, or if the attacking team drops the ball at any point, the ball is turned over to the other team.
£1 for per session (in the Hat)… £5 one off membership payment (for non-members).
Please come along with your team of x6 players. Don’t worry if you don’t have a team, just pitch up.
In line with the RFU return to play stage “D1” we will follow the guidance offered (tbc) & “Boom” off we go playing Rugby again…fabulous!
There will be sanitizing, equipment cleaning, recording & guidance followed among other controls to help keep us safe.
Afterwards the Rugby Clubhouse will be open for takeaway food & drink (no Alcohol until mid April)…Planning on x4 consecutive April 2021 Saturdays of o2 Touch! Then maybe more…
See you there…please share…C’mon Medway!