MRFC Girls Section – Stepping up for the Paramedics

Thank you to all of those that are joining in the Medway Girls Steps and Reps challenge, raising money for our fantastic local paramedics. We’ve set up a whattsapp group for those of you getting involved, so we can share information, updates and photos as we work through the challenge.

The challenge is simple:

1) Set up your team and team name.
2) Amongst your team complete as many reps & steps as you can in February (reaching a combined minimum of 1,000,000) by the end.
3) Raise as much individual and combined team sponsorship money as you can. Hassle everyone you know 🙂
4) To make it easy to get sponsorship money, we’ve set up a GoFundme page . Simply share the poster created, together with the go-fund me link. Get the money in from the start, as you know your team will hit the 1,000,000 target 🙂
5) Nominate a lead for your team, and collect your weekly teams steps and reps totals (spreadsheet to follow), and get your lead to send in the updated spreadsheet for your team at the end of each week to
6) Each person should keep a note of the sponsorship they raise, as there is a prize for the player who raises the most.
That’s all there is to it. Its going to be great fun, hard work and very rewarding.
Thank you all again. Let’s beat our £5,000 target.