Club President

Dear MRFC Club Members

When we visit other clubs for away games, it became very apparent to me that many of these have a very active and visible President working alongside the Chairperson. Historically the Mayor has been the President of MRFC, but due to the previous incumbent retiring last summer, I saw an opportunity for a change. I checked our rules/constitution and found that as the President is not an elected post, there is nothing stopping us changing our approach.
So, on Saturday at the Vice Presidents lunch, I asked Mark Marriott to become our President for the remainder of this season. As you all know, Mark is a brilliant servant to our great club and has Medway RFC running through his veins. He is also a great help to me and an excellent “figure head” for the club.  Please join me in congratulating Mark and provide him your support as required.

This can be an annual decision and future Chairpersons can choose upon their President and may very well decide to revert back and ask the Mayor.