Saracens Two Day Skills Clinic (U7-U14’s)

October camp


The Saracens Rugby Camp Programme is aimed at U7 – U14 boys and girls playing age-grades and provides organised,

educational, inclusive and structured activities, utilising Saracens experienced, qualified and award-winning coaches from

the Community team.  Saracens will be realising a brand new delivery structure that will be in place for the 2017/2018 season giving a fresh new

look on Rugby Camps!  Coaches will pass on expert advice and professional tips, creating a fun and enjoyable environment in which participants

will work closely in groups of the same/similar age covering all rugby aspects. Individuals can expect to cover content

specific to their age group ensuring the best possible chance to further personal development on and off the field.

The club and experienced coaching staff allow access for all rugby abilities and encourage TAG rugby players to attend in

addition to those of an older age.

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500 Club – Triple Draw

June 2017 – 500 Club result

1st Prize £119 Howard Thompson
2nd Prize £71 Charly Ward
3rd Prize £24 Tracy Bullock
3rd Prize £24 Scott Daly

£237  into the Clubhouse Fund !!!


July 2017 – 500 Club result

1st Prize £119 Gerard Labour
2nd Prize £71 George Nelson
3rd Prize £24 Ann Hepper
3rd Prize £24 Deborah Nikalls

£237 into the Clubhouse Fund !!!


August 2017 – 500 Club result

1st Prize £119 Tony Krasij
2nd Prize £71 Colin Germany
3rd Prize £24 Mark Marriott
3rd Prize £24 Claire Bond

£237 into the Clubhouse Fund !!!


If you have not joined the 500 Club  – please do so, it only costs a fiver and raises money for the  Club – Join here !!

From the MRFC Chair…

Posted 02nd October 2017

Sunday 01st October 2017 saw the club our annual mini festival and one hundred teams took to the field across the U7 through U 11 age groups. The weather was challenging to begin with, but did not dampen the  spirits of any of the competitors or their supporters.
I want to say a huge thank you to the numerous volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the day a great success and such an enjoyable occasion. A special mention must go to the tournament organiser, Mr Mark Snoswell who, yet again, managed the event without any fuss, with great skill and candour.

Well done to everyone who was involved today both as a competitor, a supporter and as volunteers.

A great day!
MRFC Chairman


Posted 06th April 2017

“Club members. I was copied the following email from one of our U10 parents whose son was unfortunately injured whilst on tour last weekend.  I thought you would all be lifted by such positive feedback on how this whole family were looked after by the U10 coaching and management team. Well done and thanks to everyone!
Ian Dance – MRFC Chairman”
I have sent this to a lot of people because i wasn’t sure of the correct target audience.  My name is Mike Roberts and i am the father of Vinnie Roberts who plays for MEDWAY RFC under 10’s or more commonly know ‘The Mustangs‘.
Vinnie loves Rugby, his favourite players are Brad Barrett and Neil Back (Vin is a hard hitter with the best of the smaller guys).  This weekend was to be a joyous occasion with the annual mini rugby tour and on Sunday we were all set up to watch a fantastic festival of rugby in Sleaford. So the opposition had the first play and set off on a charge, Vin(Vinnie) was up to make the first tackle and nailed it, but then unfortunately nailed his head on the ground, Vinnie didn’t move. It was from this point that i was reminded why rugby is so special and the following people in particular deserve acknowledgement.
  • Neil Stanton, Medway RFC mustang coach was absolutely brilliant with Vin, kind, caring compassionate and reassuring to a frantic dad, The man was outstanding was with him on the touchline at the really tricky part.
  • Carla Johns Medway RFC Mustang manager was legendary, she took us to the local hospital because my wife and I were really in a state of shock, she spent the whole morning and most of the afternoon with us, gave up her time as she has done all season in making sure that others were looked after before herself(bear in mind that her own son was playing and there was no hesitation in thinking of us first and missing the whole festival) selfless.
  • Darren Jones Mustangs head coach – What can I say, He is the most enthusiastic, passionate coach I have ever come across, quite rightly he has told us that Vin needs to stay out for 23 days and this is a good news story, he got the all clear from Grantham hospital and it’s not that serious BUT Darren is constantly asking after Vinnie and has made him feel so special. 
This is not the end of the story…….We joined from Gravesend RFC 2 years ago and it was the most amazing thing that we could have done for Vinnie’s rugby development, Coaches Darren Jones, Andy Johns, Neil Stanton have been truly phenomenal, they have created a culture not just in young kids but with the parents as well that it feels good to be part of a bigger family, they are so encouraging to all the players and I know for one that my son loves them all and feels really great about playing for Medway RFC.  I would like to nominate all of the above for a RFU award be it national. regional, county, it doesn’t matter.  These are the kind of people that keep rugby alive, give players hope, give them constructive criticism and the ‘go forward’ to keep playing and getting better.  As i said in my headline ‘ People and organisations talk about culture, few are dedicated enough to create one’ The mustangs management team have done this with aplomb and style, I tried to find Bill Beaumont’s e-mail address but could not find it, i know however he would get this and please send this on to him.
Mike Roberts

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