500 Club – Summer months results

Apologies for the slow update but we have been busy with some small modifications to the Clubhouse 🙂  All draws took place with August’s being undertaken by the match sponsor Mike Boucher on 1st September 2018.  Congratulations to all the winners.

August 2018

1st Place Gary French £109
2nd Place Peter Deacon £65
3rd Place Deborah Nichalls £22
3rd Place Steve Coates £22

£217 to Club Fund

July 2018

1st Place Sean Barnes £109
2nd Place Dawn Walters £65
3rd Place Charlie Rowles £22
3rd Place Scott Daley £22

£217 to Club Fund

June 2018    

1st Place Andy Moles £110
2nd Place Geoff Quested £66
3rd Place Billy Humphries £22
3rd Place Graham Rowlands £22

£220 to Club Fund

May 2018     

1st Place R Crook £110
2nd Place Paul Essenhigh £66
3rd Place Mat Bacon £22
3rd Place Sarah Webb £22

£220 to Club Fund

If you have not joined the 500 Club  – please do so, it only costs a fiver and raises money for the  Club – Join here !! or contact Andy

Please be considerate on the pitches

The Club have just spent £10,000 on renovations to the first team and pitch 19 although we can’t keep the public off them, we as a club should not be training on these surfaces for the majority of the off-season months.

Please filter to all age groups and with the clubhouse remodel well underway MRFC will look fantastic for the 2018-2019 season.

Thank you